Basking Shark Endangered T shirt


Basking Sharks are the second largest fish in the world, they are filter feeders on the water’s surface. Global warming is decreasing the size and abundance of the copepod and zooplankton causing damage to their delicate food chain.

Marine pollution such as micro-plastics gets broken down into small particles and are eaten by them.

Basking Sharks are vulnerable to the effects of human activity. They can become entangled in fishing nets, or injured by boats and jet ski’s.

In some countries their fins are still being used for shark fin soup, and their livers for oil.

You can help by always recycling and clearing up any litter after a day at the beach.

Be conscious about your carbon footprint; walk, or cycle. Reduce your use of electricity and heating to help reduce the amount of carbon being absorbed by the oceans.


  • Printed in the United Kingdom
  • 100% organic fairtrade cotton
  • Carbon footprint conscious


Save the climate, and look after your T-Shirt:

  • hand wash cold inside-out
  • hang dry
  • iron inside-out
  • DO NOT tumble dry.


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