Puffin Endangered T-shirt


Climate change is dramatically affecting the delicate balance of the food chain for seabirds, especially when they are breeding.

The Puffin’s staple diet is made up of the Sand Eel – you could say it’s the Puffin’s favourite food!

Many seabirds such as Shags, Kittiwakes, Guillemots and Arctic Terns have a diet made up of at least 90% Sand Eels.

Sand eels feed on Zooplankton which are tiny sea creatures.

Rising sea temperatures and pollution are having a serious impact on the numbers of Zooplankton which the Sand Eels feed on, which reduces the number of Sand Eels and has an direct impact on the availability of food for all breeding seabirds.

The Puffin isn’t as good at competing for the Sand Eels as some of the other seabirds, meaning their numbers are starting to fall dramatically. Their chicks will only eat Sand Eels.

If there are no Sand Eels, soon enough, there will be no more seabirds.


  • Printed in the United Kingdom
  • 100% organic fairtrade cotton
  • Carbon footprint conscious


Save the climate, and look after your T-Shirt:

  • hand wash cold inside-out
  • hang dry
  • iron inside-out
  • DO NOT tumble dry.


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