About Well Spotted

Well Spotted is dedicated to educating children (our next generation) about conservation, climate issues, and the wildlife which surrounds them through playful design.


It’s easy for children to spend too much time inside – I hope these images will inspire them to get outside, and to explore and discover all the wonder that nature has to offer.


I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by nature and have always been fascinated by wildlife. I remember the first time, aged 10, I saw a Great Crested Newt, and that magical moment has lived with me ever since.


I hope my creations help to inspire children to truly appreciate their environment, and to go out and see the wildlife which is all around them whilst they still can. Worryingly, so many species are now becoming threatened, there’s a real risk our children will never get the chance to see them.


My aim is to inspire and inform through my art, and hopefully create moments for children to go and find their magical moment with nature.


Gemma x

Gemma Critchley
Global Organic Textile Standard
Soil Association - Organic Standard
Fair Wear Foundation
Carbon Label

Our designs are hand-painted and printed in the UK onto 100% organic, and ethically made T-shirts, with a minimal carbon footprint by using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.